High demand for water during heatwave in Slough

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The hot weather means we’re seeing a huge increase in demand for water across our entire area.

We’re currently supplying customers with an additional 450 million litres every day – this is 17% more than normal.

We are sorry to those customers who have experienced low pressure in SL postcodes over the weekend and into this morning. We’re working hard to increase the pressure in this area, wherever possible.

The hot weather means we’re seeing a huge increase in demand for water across our entire area. As a result of the amount of water being used, some areas are experiencing low water pressure – particularly at peak times. This is because water cannot travel around the network quickly enough.

Over the last few days, we’ve seen the highest ever water usage across Slough, Wycombe and Aylesbury. We’re doing everything we can to meet this extra demand, but we need your help.

We’re asking all our customers to save as much water as possible. This includes not using hoses or sprinklers so there is enough to go around and keep water coming out of everyone’s taps.

No Water / Low pressure

Last updated.

If you have no water or low pressure tonight, it’s likely to only be temporary whilst we look for leaks.


We actively look for leaks to try and prevent bursts from happening and to reduce wastage. Whilst looking for leaks we also check that all of our equipment works as expected.


Sometimes we have to turn some valves on and off to monitor the flow of water, allowing us to find any leaks.


Tonight we’re working in: 

BR1, E1, E7, E15, E16, EC1Y, N17, NW2, SW16, W2, and WC2.

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