No Water / Low Pressure.

Message last updated.

We continue to work in Avery Hill Road to repair the broken pipe.

This is more complicated than it first seemed due to a gas main being very close to our repair site.

We have bottled water available outside the Big Boyz Café,  Avery Hill Road, we want to get you back in supply as soon as possible to do this we are going to re-route another part of our network so this brings you water.

We'll provide another update by 01:00hrs

You can also keep up to date by clicking on our twitter link: https://twitter.com/thameswater

Low pressure & no water tonight?

Message last updated.

If you have no water or low pressure tonight, it’s likely to only be temporary whilst we look for leaks.

We actively look for leaks to try and prevent bursts from happening and to reduce wastage. Whilst looking for leaks we also check that all of our equipment works as expected.

Sometimes we have to turn some valves on and off to monitor the flow of water, allowing us to find any leaks.

Tonight we’re working in:

E1, E3, E4, E14, E17, EN3, IG5, IG8, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW8, TW4, W1J, W1U, W10.

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