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Wholesale Invoicing Timetable 2020-21 (0.5Mb)

Thames Water non-household tariff templates 2020-21 (0.06Mb)

Statement of Assurance 2020-21 Wholesale Charges Schedule (2.05Mb)

Statement of Significant Change 2020-21 Wholesale Charges Schedule (1.98Mb)

NAV Tariff Document 2020-21 (0.77Mb)

Wholesale Tariff Document 2020-21 (1.7Mb)

Statement of Significant Change Indicative Wholesale Charges 2020-21 (5.8Mb)

Statement of Assurance Indicative Wholesale Charges 2020-21 (2.8Mb)

Indicative Wholesale Charges Schedule 2020-21 (0.6Mb)

NAV Tariff Document 2019-20 (0.35Mb)

Wholesale Invoicing Timetable 2019-20 (0.3Mb)

Wholesale Tariff Document V1.2 2019-20 (re-issued)(1.6Mb)

Non-Household Annual Charges Calculator 2019-20 (0.3Mb)

Statement of Assurance for 2019-20 wholesale charges schedules (1.67Mb)

Thames Water non-household tariff templates 2019-20 (0.06Mb)

Indicative Wholesale Charges Schedule 2019-20 (0.36MB)

Statement of Assurance for 2019-20 Indicative Wholesale Charges (1.26MB)

Statement of Significant Change for 2019-20 Indicative Wholesale Charges (2.23MB)

Wholesale Invoicing Timetable 2018-19 (0.3Mb)

Wholesale Tariff Document 2018-2019 (1.68Mb)

Wholesale Tariff Guide 2018-19 (0.21Mb)

Non-Household Annual Charges Calculator 2018-19 (0.04Mb)

Assurance statement wholesale charges 2018-19 (1.86Mb)

Thames Water non-household wholesale tariffs 2018-19 (0.05Mb)

Indicative wholesale charges schedule 2018-19 (0.35Mb)

Statement of assurance for indicative wholesale charges schedule 2018-19 (1.8Mb)

Wholesale tariff document 2017-2018 (1.3Mb)

Statement of assurance for 2017-2018 wholesale charges schemes (2Mb)

Indicative non primary tariff document 2017-2018 (1Mb)

Thames Water non-household tariffs 2017-2018 (0.4Mb)

Wholesale invoicing timetable 2017-2018 (0.2Mb)

Wholesale charges scheme 2016-2017 (0.16Mb)

Wholesale charges schedule 2016-2017 (0.16Mb)

Wholesale charges scheme 2015-2016 (0.17Mb)

Wholesale charges schedule 2015-2016 (0.16Mb)