Water efficiency

On average, we each use almost a third more water than we did 30 years ago. Our region is classed as ‘water stressed’ by the Government, which means we need to conserve the water we have now, so there's enough to go around in the future. Our forecasts show that, if we do nothing, by 2020, there'll be a shortfall in the amount of water available, putting business continuity at risk. Tackling water efficiency will help save on water and energy bills, and protect the local environment.

Saving water - cutting bills

Whether you’re in charge of a production line, restaurant, hair salon or office block, simple water efficiency improvements can cut your energy and water costs, without reducing performance.

Did you know that just one leaking toilet could cost you up to £300 a year in wasted water? And a urinal that flushes freely, day and night could cost your business up to £550 more each year than one that is only flushed when needed.

You can find simple step-by-step advice on how to measure and improve the efficiency of water use in your business in our free saving water in your business advice pack.

If you’re short of time, our key advice is to look at the following areas:

  • internal leakage and wastage – This includes leaky loos, taps and pipes. It's water that's literally going straight down the drain, but the cost still gets added to the bill. Get them fixed.
  • urinal controls – Urinals that flush 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will increase the water consumption in your business drastically. Install sensor controls to reduce the frequency of flushing.
  • staff behaviour – Staff may not be aware of the significance of leaks and wasting water within the company. Work with them to identify water-wasting behaviour and encourage them to spot and report leaks.

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