Groundwater discharges

Groundwater discharge is best described as all water that is below the surface of the ground in the saturation zone and in direct contact with the ground or subsoil. Any groundwater discharge must be made to the public sewer so that it can be safely treated at our sewage treatment works before being released back into the environment.

As a business, charity or public sector organisation your primary point of contact should be your retailer. As your wholesaler, we’re committed to providing a quality service across your network.

The application process

If you'd like to apply for a groundwater discharge permit, please follow the link below to complete our online form.

Enquiry form

After processing your enquiry, we'll send you a document called a preliminary details form for you to complete and email to us, along with other supporting information.

Once we have received your preliminary details form, we'll assess the acceptability of the discharge to the receiving sewer, pumping stations and sewage treatment works.

If the risk of accepting a discharge is acceptable, we'll issue you with a formal notice or application. You must return this fully signed and dated, so that we can issue you with formal documentation that will allow you to discharge.

Stages in the groundwater discharge permit application process

1 Online enquiry form
2 Preliminary details form
3 Assessment
4 Formal notice of discharge
5 Formal documentation

Groundwater charges

Our ground water charges are available to download below.

Contact Trade Effluent

Groundwater discharges are managed by our Trade Effluent team. You can contact the team by phone or email, or by writing at the address below:

Phone: 0203 577 9483

Email us, or write to us at:

Trade Effluent Team
Admin Building
Crossness STW
Bazalgette Way
Abbey Wood

You can contact us by phone Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).