Trade effluent

Trade effluent is a liquid waste, discharged into our sewers from a business or industrial process. We need to control discharges entering the public sewer system so that it can be safely handled and treated before it's returned to the environment. As a business, charity or public sector organisation your primary point of contact should be your retailer.

As your wholesaler, we’re committed to providing a quality service across your network. If you're planning to discharge trade effluent into our network, you’ll need to apply for consent - you can find information on how to do that below.

Disposing of beer and cider

During the current coronavirus outbreak, we have revised our approach to how we regulate the disposal of beer and cider via the public sewer network. Our Regulatory Position Statement sets out the conditions that need to be followed.

Consent applications, variations and terminations

Your retailer is set up to order services on your behalf, and they will also be able to apply for your consent to discharge. We recommend that you work with your retailer to apply for a consent or a variation to existing consent conditions or a consent termination, this User Guide describes how to do that in detail. In the case you'd like to apply directly to us, please use the G/02 service request form for a permanent consent or the G/03 service request form for a temporary consent. As charges will be made to you through your retailer, please consult them for all information concerning this.

Download the G/02 form    Download the G/03 form 

Consent register

We’re required by law to share a public register of all our authorised trade effluent consents, and you can use our search tool to view it:

View the register

Monitoring and sampling discharges

Once a trade effluent consent is issued, we may carry out sampling and analysis to determine the applicable charging structure. Under the terms of a trade effluent consent, you may be required to pay for the monitoring and analysis we carry out. For more information about the charges, please contact your retailer. Alternatively, you may be able to arrange for your own trade effluent billing samples to be collected. Please work with your retailer to follow the correct process.

From time to time, we may visit your site to monitor your compliance with the consent conditions. As part of this process, we may need to take samples to assess the effluent and any health and safety risks. If any samples taken aren’t compliant with the consent, charges may be made to you through your retailer.

If you’re aware of an illegal discharge, please contact our Trade Effluent team immediately on 0203 577 9200, or, if there is a spillage or incident that needs immediate action, please call 0800 009 3931.

Contact Trade Effluent

You can contact our Trade Effluent team by phone or email, or by writing to us at the address below:

Phone: 0203 577 9200

Email us at:, or write to us at:

Trade Effluent Team
Admin Building
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You can contact us by phone Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).