Water network

As a business, charity or public sector organisation your primary point of contact should be your retailer. As your wholesaler, we’re committed to providing a quality service across your network. You can find information about how we’ll work with you and your retailer below. 

Water quality and efficiency

Water quality and efficiency are both critical parts of our business, and to make sure that you receive a high standard of service, we carry out regular inspections and run awareness campaigns to update you on new initiatives.

More information on our water quality programmes can be found here. If you notice any serious water quality issues, our customer service centre is available to help 24 hours a day on 0800 316 9800.

We also carry out regular leak detection programmes to help reduce leakage within our network and encourage you to let us know if you find a leak on your premises. You can find more information about our water efficiency initiatives here.

To help you manage any leaks or more severe incidents on your property, we offer an approved plumber scheme to make sure you find someone with the right skills for the job. More information on this scheme can be found here.

Water fittings regulations

If you have an enquiry or would like to notify us of anything regarding water fittings regulations, please fill in the form and email it here.

Enquiry/notification form

Disconnections and reconnections

We’ve a team on hand to help deliver our disconnections and reconnections services and we can offer either a temporary or permanent disconnection of supply. The easiest way for you to arrange a disconnection or reconnection is through your retailer. You can also talk to us about these services - for more information please call our customer service centre on 0800 316 9800.

If you'd like a new connection service, you can find out more about these services here.