Events and incidents

We have a range of services available to you and your customers to help manage events and incidents on our network. These are summarised below and if you’d like more information about our services and tariffs, please see our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document.

Unplanned changes in our services

Unexpected events or unusual conditions may lead to an unplanned change in the water and waste services we supply to your non-household customers. An unplanned change to services may include:

  • water quality incidents
  • changes in water pressure
  • leakage and/or burst mains
  • interruptions to the supply of water
  • waste asset failures (excluding blockages) which restrict or remove service
  • unconsented trade effluent discharges.

Our priority will be to address the unplanned change to service and we’ll let you know how it will impact you or your non-household customer. We'll use a wide range of channels including our website, messaging information on our call centre answering service, social media (Facebook and Twitter), text message alerts, media releases and/or post and letter drops.

Alternative water supplies

In the event of an emergency and in line with our Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD) obligations, we’ll provide potable water to all affected premises. This may include using alternative supply arrangements such as tankers, bottles, static tanks and standpipes. The provision of any alternative water supplies will be prioritised for vulnerable, sensitive and domestic customers and we’ll aim to do the same for non-household customers if resources are available.

We ask non-household customers whose business processes are sensitive to changes in water supply to maintain their own business continuity plans for events and incidents. We’ll supply non sensitive non-household customers on a case by case basis as quickly as possible after assessing the criticality of the situation and the needs of our domestic customers.

For more information please see our alternative water supply policy in the document library.

Dry weather and drought events

We monitor weather conditions, water resources and work with relevant authorities to manage the availability of water within our operational area. We also maintain event management plans and procedures to manage droughts and dry weather conditions. In these conditions we will keep you and your non-household customer informed of any developing or escalating conditions and any potential restrictions to service. You can view our drought plan here.

If we intend to issue a temporary ban on water use we’ll advise you of our plans and ask you to help us manage the conditions by following our guidance and monitoring any breach of our instructions.