Market data

Data for the non-household market is stored by the market operator so that information on registered customers, supply points, usage and charging can be centralised and governed. We’ll update the information stored in the system by your request, or when we discover a change that needs to be made. Our services are summarised below. Our services are summarised below and if you’d like more information, please see our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document.

Maintaining existing market data

We maintain supply point data within the market registration system which you can ask us to verify or change through the following services:

  • verify meter details or meter supply arrangements
  • register a gap site supply point and add service components
  • deregister a supply point or remove a service component
  • amend third party references

We may need to investigate your request and visit the site before a decision can be made. In cases where data has been challenged but is shown to be correct we may charge you for the service. More information on these services can be found below.

Verifying meter details or supply arrangements

You can ask us to verify your customer’s meter asset details and supply arrangements within the market system. We’ll investigate your request and if necessary visit your customer to determine the correct details that should be in the system. If we find out the data in the system is incorrect we’ll update the information and in cases where multiple parties are involved we’ll share a data correction plan with those affected.

Charges will apply to this service if verification is requested and the data in the market system is shown to be correct. Full details can be found in our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document.

Registering and deregistering supply points

If you believe a change needs to be made to any supply point you can ask us to register or deregister your customer’s site in the market system. We encourage you to look out for any registration issues and if you find a site that hasn’t been registered please let us know.

It is also possible that the eligibility criteria of your customer may change and in this instance we can update the market system. We’ll investigate any requests received and let you know the outcome.