Tariffs, allowances and payments

We have a range of services available to you and your customers to help manage tariffs, allowances and payments. These are summarised below and if you’d like more information on our services and tariffs, please see our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document.

Assessing allowances and abatements

You can ask us to review an allowance, abatement or a similar payment that's applied to a supply point of one of your customers. We provide the following:

  • firefighting allowance
  • leakage allowance
  • non return to sewer allowance
  • surface water drainage abatement
  • other allowances, abatements, contributions or incentives.

Full details of how these are calculated can be found in our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document. Charges may apply for this service.

Reviewing our tariffs

Service components with unmeasured or business assessed tariffs can be reviewed at your request or ours.  If you request the service we may need to arrange a site visit and collect information from you to validate your request.  We may also carry out a review of these tariffs on an ad hoc basis which is likely to be if we identify a need for change or as part of our annual tariff review.

You can also request a review of trade effluent charges on behalf of your non-household customer.  Please note that these tariffs are set using an annual review of discharge volumes and if your request to review is outside of that process a charge will apply.

Providing payments for flooding prevention devices

A FLIP is a device, usually a pump, to support flooding prevention. We may make payments to contribute to the electrical running costs of the device.

Once a year, between January and March, we will carry out a review of the FLIP payment amounts and who they should be made to.  We will credit you, as the wastewater retailer, for any end user (payer of the electricity supply) FLIP payments and you will need to ensure that the end user receives the payment.