Be water smart

Our population is increasing by 100,000 a year.

We don't get enough rain to fill our reservoirs and the average person uses more water than they think - around 143 litres a day, which is the same as 95 full kettles.

To protect our limited water supply for the future, we're investing £1 million every day to prevent leaks. We're also rolling out free smart meters to help you manage how much water you use. And by making a few small changes, you can make a big difference too.

Together, we can make sure we have enough water in out region, now and in the future.


Why be water smart?

People think there is a lot of water in the UK. The truth might surprise you.

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We're water smart

From devices designed to save water to working with schools, see how we’re saving water.

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You can be water smart

How to be water smart at home and in your garden.

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Order free devices

Free devices to save you water and money at home.

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Water calculator

Calculate how much you could save here. 

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