Information packs

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We're working closely with our customers to explain how to manage fats, oils, greases and food waste. We have three useful publications which are free to download below.

Everyone is responsible for helping prevent blockages caused by fats, oils, greases and food waste. If you run a catering venture, you’ll have more oil and fat than households.

Professional kitchens are a big cause of blockages in our region. These can be the catering departments of large organisations or smaller independent food businesses.

Discharging these substances is illegal. This is why you’re responsible for the careful and legal disposal of them to stop them from getting into the sewage system.

Keeping drains clear - booklet

It’s illegal to allow anything to get in the drains that could prevent the free flow of wastewater. This booklet is full of tips to make sure you don’t break the law.

Managing your waste - poster

Ready for you to print and display in your workplace, this poster tells you the dos and don’ts for managing your kitchen waste. You could put it by the sink in your kitchen.

Managing your waste - booklet

This booklet tells you more about grease management and the special equipment you can install. It has illustrations showing how grease management will help you prevent blockages and explains your legal responsibilities. It also shows you how to have your waste oil collected and recycled by an approved contractor.