Why be water smart?

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In the south east of England, water supplies are being stretched further and further each day. It’s an essential part of life, yet we use water daily without really thinking about it. Find out where our water comes from and why we need to save it here.

The important truth

  • By 2050, if we keep using water as we are today, we will need an extra 250 million litres of water a day.
  • There will be around 11 million people living in London by then. That’s 2 million more than today.
  • But the amount of water available will still be the same as it is now. We can’t take more water from our rivers without damaging the environment and we can’t rely on rainfall.
  • We’re having drier summers and wetter winters, making it hard to manage a consistent supply.
  • We need to be more efficient with the water we have – both in terms of how we supply it and only using the water we really need.

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