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London's sewers happen to be an unusual tourist attraction for a number of celebrities, eager to explore the murky world beneath the capital's streets.

Broadcasters including Radio 1, BBC1's The One Show and Blue Peter have all flocked to the sewers to show viewers what happens when they flush.

Alex Jones

One Show host Alex Jones was voted by viewers to clear fatty blockages in the sewers, all in an effort to raise cash for Children in Need. She squealed, screeched and gagged.

Afterwards, our flusher Danny managed to prise her fingers from the edge of the man hole, Alex did get stuck in and must be commended for her bravery!

Johnny Vaughan

Capital Radio breakfast host, Johnny Vaughan visited our Fleet sewer beneath Blackfriars Bridge for the History Channel's Mud Men series to tell the story of "The Great Stink" and how the sewers saved London. The Fleet is the largest of London's "lost rivers".

Accompanied by co-presenter and Mudlark Steve Brooker, the pair braved the sewer in very wet conditions, which made their visit all the more daunting. They came along with bags of enthusiasm and had a great laugh from start to finish.

Neil Morrissey

Bob the Builder, aka Neil Morrissey, faced a double-whammy of filth for a celebrity special of ITV1's Grimefighters.

He waded waist-deep in putrid fat in the sewers beneath London's Northumberland Avenue before venturing to our pumping station to clear large build ups wet wipes, loo roll and sanitary products from the screens. But despite all this and with a 'dumper' full of good humour, the inspection was completed and Neil has a better understanding of why we cry 'Bin it - don't block it!'

Scott Mills

BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills waded a mile through our sewers as part of his Sport Relief 'miles from hell'.

Trudging waist-deep through Londoners' waste, it took him 90 minutes to complete his challenge, in some very smelly conditions. Scott put on a very brave face, experiencing first hand some of the unpleasant things people flush down their loos.

Dan Snow

Presenter Dan Snow undertook a day's 'work experience' for a BBC2 documentary, working for a day with our sewer flushers.

He removed large amounts of fat from the sewer and cleared a large blockage from a filter screen at our sewage treatment works in London. He returned to the sewers again for a special Boat Race feature on BBC1.

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