Is your home polluting the environment?

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A tell tale sign that your home is misconnected is when a waste pipe falls into the same drainage gulley as a rainwater drainpipe from the roof.

Also, if you have a manhole, which your foul waste runs through, there may be a surface water pipe running in parallel. If this pipe is open within the manhole and your foul pipe becomes blocked, this will cause wastewater to overflow into the surface water pipe.

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What can I do?

A reputable plumber or builder should be able to rectify problems of this nature.

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More information on misconnected pipes

ConnectRight is a partnership of organisations working to reduce water pollution from drains and sewers.

Find out how to check if your property has misconnected drains, what to do if you see pollution, and get further information on the ConnectRight website:

Check your pipes are connected properly and find out more at ConnectRight

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