How to report pollution

If there’s sewage in your home

If sewage is flowing out of your toilet or sink and into your home, your waste pipe may be blocked.

We know sewer flooding is one of the worst things you can experience in your home. That’s why we’re here to help.

Find advice on dealing with blockages here.

This should help you source the problem as well as find an approved plumber to put things right as quickly as possible.

Reporting a blocked or overflowing drain

If there’s sewage outside

To protect the world around us and keep our rivers clean, we work round the clock to maintain our 85,000-mile sewage network and prevent pollution.

Spotted a drain that’s leaking sewage outside and endangering wildlife or the environment?

Please call us on 0800 316 9800 to let us know:

  • what you saw
  • when you saw it
  • where you saw it (including a postcode, road name or any local landmarks or features)
  • whether sewage is entering a river or any other watercourse

and we’ll work as quickly as we can to put things right.

Here’s what we’ll do

If the problem’s our responsibility, we’ll:

  • Take immediate action to fix it
  • Investigate what’s happened and why
  • Assess the impact on the environment
  • Share our findings with the Environment Agency, who look after all of England’s waterways
  • Clean up and put a prevention plan in place

If for any reason the problem isn’t ours to fix, we’ll contact the relevant authorities or point you in the right direction so that it still gets sorted as quickly as possible.