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Sewer flooding is unacceptable and we treat all cases with the highest priority.

Cleaning up

If our public sewer has caused the problem, we'll offer to carry out a clean-up of the affected area(s) at no cost to you.

We aim to do this on the same day, but this may not always be possible if a large area is affected, or if flood waters have not yet drained away.

In these cases we'll aim to get to your property within 48 hours of us finding out about the flood (our response times may vary during periods of exceptional weather). Our clean-up service may include:

  • Litter picking
  • Washing down affected areas
  • Pumping out basements
  • Disinfection

You may be able to get a more comprehensive clean-up service through your household insurance cover, so you may like to arrange this with your household insurance company.

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Tankers and pumps

In certain circumstances, we use tankers to limit the impact of sewer flooding for customers.

Tankers can only offer limited relief from the symptoms of flooding and when used for extended periods in villages and close to homes they can also cause considerable noise and disruption. If possible we will use temporary pumps.

We prioritise the use of tankers to protect our customers suffering from, or at risk of, internal flooding, rather than attempting to pump away river water and groundwater, against which they could not make any significant impact.

Portaloos and sandbags

People should contact their local flood authority, often the local council, for advice on toilet facilities and sandbags as they may be able to provide them.

We use sandbags to protect our pumps and sewage treatment sites from floodwater to minimise the impact of flooding on our customers’ properties but we do not routinely offer them to protect customers’ homes.

We’re really sympathetic to those who are unable to use their toilet facilities and we will work with the local authorities to assist in the restoration of your facilities.

Investment to minimise the risk of flooding

We prioritise our investment for potential flood alleviation schemes depending on the severity and frequency of flooding, and so it's important that you report all flooding so we can keep our records up-to-date.

Find out more about our sewer flooding alleviation projects

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