7 design tips for small gardens

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Small garden


1. Extend your kitchen

Plant edibles such as wild garlic, herbs and vegetables – you’ll not only be growing something that looks good, but tastes great too!


2. Think diagonally, and horizontally

Create the illusion of more space, and improve drainage, by paving your garden diagonally with permeable materials. If you’d prefer decking, try reclaimed timber and lay it at 90 degrees to the house to create the same effect.


3. Look up

Use vertical planters, hanging pots, and window boxes on walls, fences, and balconies to keep your floor space clear for garden furniture.


4. Save the rain, and your pennies!

Water butt design has improved dramatically in recent years, with some almost unrecognisable from the original green plastic bins. From oak barrels, to terracotta pots, there’s something for everyone. And it’ll save you money off your water bill.


5. Get creative

It doesn’t take long on Pinterest to find all sorts of wonderful DIY garden furniture. From hammocks made of old jeans, to sofas made of old pallets. Grab a friend and give it a go!


6. Love lavender

Plant drought-resistant plants, such as lavender, to reduce the amount of water needed to look after your garden.


7. Channel your inner Attenborough

Do your bit for the local wildlife and add brightly coloured plants, rich in scent and nectar, to encourage bees and butterflies. You could even build a bug home, or add a bird box.


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