Water quality

Your water report

Check your water quality - including hardness and fluoride content- by using our special postcode checker.

Check your water quality and hardness

What's in your water?

Do you know why your water is hard? Is there likely to be any lead in your water? What might cause unusual tastes, smells or appearance?

Why your water is hard?

Where our water comes from

Ever wondered how the water that you drink gets to your tap? Also, look at this month's reservoir levels and rainfall figures, and explore our water supply schemes.

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How you can look after your water

How to look after water in your home, find an approved plumber and your responsibilities under the Water Fittings regulations.

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How we look after your water

Find out how we test our water, how we maintain the highest quality standards and explore the regulations we follow.

Find out how we test our water

Is your tap water discoloured?

Find out why on rare occasions, tap water can appear cloudy, white, or brown.

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