Water Direct scheme application form

Please use this form to apply for the Water Direct scheme.

Completing this form will allow us to apply to the Department for Work and Pensions to receive a regular payment towards the amount due on your Thames Water account. If successful, the money will be taken from your benefits automatically.

To complete this form you will need to provide your:

  • Full name, contact number, email address and account address
  • Thames Water account number (printed at the top of your bill)
  • Your National Insurance number, your date of birth, and the benefit which you receive that entitles you to apply for the Water Direct scheme.


Your name

Please provide the name of the person claiming

Your contact details

Please provide your telephone number including area code, and a valid email address

Your account details

Please provide your Thames Water account number and address

Details required for this application


Please provide the name of the person who is responsible for paying the Thames Water bill at this property.


The details you have provided will be passed to the JobCentre Plus. It can take them six to eight weeks to process. Under Data Protection Policy, we will disclose arrears on the account upon their request.