Apply for a surface water drainage rebate

Please use this form to apply for a surface water drainage rebate. We will respond to your request within six working days.

If you have more than one property, please use one form for each application.

You can apply for a rebate if the surface water from your property does not drain into our sewer. Find out more

To complete this form you will need to provide your:

  • Thames Water account number (printed at the top of your bill)
  • Full name, contact number, email address and account address
  • Consent for us to visit your property if required
  • Supporting information for your claim.


Your name

Your contact details

Please provide your telephone number including area code, and a valid email address

Your account details

Please provide your Thames Water account number and address.

Your mailing address

Non-UK address

Surface water details

Your property details

Please provide details of where your surface water dispenses to, e.g. soakaway, natural water course. You may be asked to provide evidence to support your application
Please note: Rebates will be granted on a case by case basis