Set up a payment plan with a PayPoint card

Pay your bill in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments with a PayPoint card at a convenient PayPoint outlet such as your local shop.

Lost your card? Complete this form and we can issue a replacement.

You can set up a payment plan on a Direct Debit from your bank account. You can pay your bill by easy instalments spread across the year. Payments will be taken automatically from your bank account. That means less hassle for you, plus the added benefit of payment protection. Learn more about setting up a Direct Debit.

To complete this form you will need your:

  • Thames Water account number (printed at the top of your bill)
  • Full name, contact number, email address and account address
  • It's important that the person completing the form has the authority to change any details.

When you're filling out the form, please make sure anything you enter is the same as it is on your bill. If your name or address is incorrect on your bill, please update your details now.

If you have received a bill addressed to ‘The Occupier’ please set up an account in your name by completing the Move Home web form.

Please wait until you receive a new bill, in your name, before making payment or setting up a payment arrangement.


Your Thames Water account number

Your name

Your contact details

Please provide your telephone number including area code and a valid email address.

Your account address

Please provide your Thames Water account address.

About your water supply

How often you'd like to pay

Commercial customers are only able to pay by direct debit or on receipt of bill.



Before submitting this form, please confirm your details are correct by reviewing the information below.