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Manage your account quickly and easily online

  • Go paperless and view your bills online
  • Pay your bill and manage your payments
  • Inform us of changes to your Direct Debit instruction and your bank details
  • Download and print your bills
  • Update your details or tell us you’re moving home
  • Submit meter readings and view your water usage (if you’re on a meter)
  • Be notified by email every time a new bill is available to view
  • Add additional account holders

Manage your account online

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Let us know about your move whether you're a new customer and need to set up an account, a current customer moving home within our region, or you're moving out of our area altogether.

Tell us you're moving

If you’ve changed your name or any of your details are incorrect on your bill, please call us on 0800 980 8800. Our lines are open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday and closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

If you’re granted power of attorney, please send us a copy of your solicitor's letter and any other supporting documents, including your name and the account number for the affected account.

Address the envelope to:

Thames Water

PO BOX 286


SN38 2RA

We’ll then update the account details.

Questions about logging in and passwords

We’re changing our password policy to make your online account even more secure. To benefit from this additional protection, we may ask you to set a new, stronger password when you’re logging in. If you’re not prompted to do update your password, you don’t need to worry.

Make sure your new password is between 8-16 characters and contains 3 out of 4 of the following:

  • Lowercase characters
  • Uppercase characters
  • Digits (0-9)
  • One or more of the following symbols: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , ? / ` ~ " ( ) ; .

We’ll only prompt you to update your password when logging in if it’s needed for your account. If you don’t get a prompt to update your password then there’s nothing to worry about.

To re-register, you just need to confirm your email address and reset your password. To do this, please login with your usual email address and password. This will automatically send you a confirmation email with a link to choose a new password. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have re-registered.

Once you’re logged into your new account, head to the ‘Billing and History’ section to see your previous letters and bills for your current property.